Nov 202015

30 fashion trends that should come back to Dublin

You know, dig deeper into the vault and bring back the bootcut jeans and loafers look? It’d be hilarious. Actually, the Irish are still quite fond of the auld boot cut jeans (seriously, there’s always a shelf or two reserved for ’em at your nearest fashion outlet).

Yep, it’s time we started to do things differently. Bring back the crisp Don Johnson suits, with the pink T shirts and sleeves rolled up.

Grow your hair out. Make like it’s the 1970s all over again and ditch the straighteners. Go all 90s nostalgia on your mates and wear all the colours the baggier, the better. Strap on your old waist pouch. Embrace the tracksuit jacket. Heck, go mad and don a pair of white socks! And don’t mind what anyone else says Timberland boots will always be cool. Indeed, these are the forgotten fashion trends we’d be only too happy to welcome back into our lives

1. The Mullet

We’ll start as we mean to go on. Honestly, there have been worse hairstyles throughout history.

Shane Byrne: The mullet, the legend

That Shane Byrne chap has had the right idea for years

2. Sweater Vests

Didn’t Justin Timberlake almost bring the awesome sleeveless jumper back in 2006?

Chandler Bing modelling the sweater vest

Dude wore it well. The rest of us looked like Chandler Bing. We need to try that one again.

3. Oversized Belt Buckles

Tuck in the shirt so that the emphasis is all on that glorious, shiny (fake gold) buckle. It’d be hotter, too, if the buckle says something cool, like ‘Wrangler’.

4. High Waisted Levi’s

Another one that went out with Friends

5. Giant 1970s Hair

Yeah, so we’re gonna be skipping back and forth throughout the decades here, but let’s get one thing straight: the do is unbeatable.6. Dungarees

We don’t want to have to join a bluegrass band, though. Always wear an extra large white T shirt underneath. Now, undo one of the straps. Sorted. You look deadly.

7. Novelty Band Patches

Kids these days don’t know what being a ‘fan’ is. Buy the album cover patch, learn how to sew (or, just grab a stapler) and go totally DIY on your backpack / blazer (a skinny tie might go well with the latter). We really, really miss our rock ‘n’ roll patches and badges

8. Parachute Pants

MC Hammer was ahead of his time. He was just misunderstood, is all. Also, cycling shorts even if you don’t own a bicycle. Complete the look with a trendy (multi coloured) head band.

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