Nov 212015

CEP152 interacts with human PLK4 and CPAP and controls centrosome duplication in human cells

a, Schematic of interactions between CEP152, human PLK4 and CPAP (see Supplementary Fig. 15). b, CEP152 depletion blocks centriole reduplication in S phase arrested U2OS cells. Left: untreated and aphidicolin treated cells stained for (green) and centrin 3 (red). Right: cells scored as having either centrioles or centrioles per cell. c, Transient overexpression of CEP152 in U2OS cells leads to centrosome amplification. Left: DNA, blue; GFP, green; centrin 1, red. Right: cells scored as in b. d, CEP152 depletion significantly decreases CPAP localization at centrioles, but has no effect on PLK4. Left: representative images of control and CEP152 depleted cells. DNA, blue; green; and either CEP152, PLK4, or CPAP, red. Right: in each case cells scored as having either robust signal at centrosomes, red; or strongly reduced/absent signal, blue. studied Asl depletion/overexpression in Drosophila cell culture. performed the human cell culture experiments. overexpressed Sas 4 in embryos/eggs. performed EM.

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