Dec 032015

Really Big and continuous

I changed the square into an octagon. Which I think has a more flowing sound, the square version has beans log jam a bit in the corners, and this eliminates that. Plus it just looks cool.

So I went out and bought at $2.27 a piece or 17.35 total Eight 45 degree angles. (That what they are called but anyone can see they are 135 degrees.) Cut each of the four pipes in half. Well carefully measuring because i think in an octagon it is even more important to be precise.

and added the 8 new corners. And just like they told me on Sesame St. it was an octagon. I glued every other corner to one pole, to make it more stable and not lose the corner pieces. Except for one pole which has no corners and I use that for storage and another with two corners because I had one left over.

What I should have said was ; the pole with no corners is not superfluous, but rather important in it difference, such as delineating it from the other non unique poles, as those would have one more cap than those with nil. and of course another pole that would be more unique by having end caps, which are a necessary but optional storage device, for those inclined. So with the obvious exceptions which i need not list here, the piece is complete, except for the parts and piece not yet assembled.

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