Nov 262015

How to Do a proper cartwheel

Cartwheels are so much fun! Who doesn’t love to twirl around? If you don’t know how to do one of these fun moves, check out this video! Step by step, this tutorial will teach you how to relive your childhood or release your inner gymnast.

Point your leading foot in the direction you will move and point your back foot slightly outward for balance. Bend your leading knee in a slight lunge.

Lead with the hand and leg that are the strongest. For instance, if you are right handed, lead with your right hand and right leg.

Step 4: Focus on your first landing

Focus your sight on the ground where you will place your hands.

Step 5: Start your turn

Reach outward and down with your leading arm, kicking your back leg up. Put a powerful thrust behind the turn.

Step 6: Lock your elbows

Lock your elbows when as land on your hands or else you will likely fall.

Step 7: Follow through

Bring your second hand quickly to the ground while simultaneously swinging your back leg up and over your body.

Step 8: Practice good posture

Keep your back straight, your toes pointed, and your legs straight and spread apart as you move through the cartwheel.

Visualize that you are in a narrow hallway as you move through the cartwheel, striving to keep you hands and feet on a single plane.

Step 9: Do a handstand

Do a brief handstand and then continue the rotation until both feet are back on the ground. Keep practicing until you get it right.

HaverfordHighSchool shows viewers how to do a proper cartwheel. First, your starting position should be a lunge with one foot forward, hands up in the air, and palms forward. Next, you should reach forward and put your hands on the ground. While doing this, you should kick and push off of the ground using your foot and swing it over your head. After doing so, you should return back to the lunge and finally land in the lunge position. Remember to keep your body as straight as possible and firmly plant your hands on the ground. Make sure your body is straight so you cartwheel straight also!.

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