Nov 192015

How to Afford Lacoste

Enjoy the quality and longevity of a Lacoste shirt or product but do not let the sticker shock get you. The product will last and when you narrow the cost to the number of years of use, it will be well worth the price. The look became in demand by those in the know as the first apparel status symbol. There are ways though that can ease the cost of the regular retail price.

Begin by shopping at the semi annual sales of fine department stores. Since this product will never go out of style, pick up a piece during those amazing sales, where the price will be reduced up to 65 percent. The Lacoste brand can be found in fine stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, and other independent retailers and boutiques. You will be assured that by making your purchase at one of the listed stores, you are receiving a genuine item and not counterfeit. Buy them only from stores you can trust to sell real Lacoste.

Travel often and stop off at the duty free shop. The Lacoste brand is sure to be in every major airport world wide. You should pay less than retail here but watch the currency conversion if in another country. If the price is still too high and unaffordable to you, try a vintage shop. There may not be a great selection of resells but the cost for owning a Lacoste is cut down considerably.

Avoid flea markets and on line auctions as they have been notorious to claim they are selling you the real thing at 80 percent off the retail. Buyers beware, as the difference may not be visually apparent and if the price is too good to be true; it is most likely a fake. Look at the differences in a real and fake Lacoste and see the ways to you can tell if they are counterfeit. Learn ways to determine fakes are by understanding Lactose details to their products. One basic way to spot original shirts from fakes is by the poor stitching. Lastly, if you do find that the price of a Lacoste item is still out of your price range, save up for the item and watch for sales. Purchase your Lacoste shirt with confidence knowing that it is legit. Buying a fake not only hurts Lacoste, the manufacturer and their employees but also contributes and supports unfair labor and trade practices that most knock off companies exploit.

Mother of Pearl buttons are the signature aspect of the Lacoste shirt only and not plastic.

All genuine men’s Lacoste will have the croc sewn on via a patch; the women’s version is embroidered directly on.

There are two labels on a genuine Lacoste saying where it was made and the type of fabric in the garment. Care labels will have the contents of fabric(s) (such as cotton) in several languages and will indicate the design is from France. The origin of manufacturing can vary but be leery of Asian countries being listed. Lacoste very rarely will use the factories in Asia.

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